Sinaia is a resort located in the Upper Valley of the Prafova River, in a mountain area, at the foot of Mountains Varful cu Dor and Piatra Arsa. Sinaia is situated at a distance of 142 km from Bucharest, 49 km from Brasov and 340 km from Constanta.

Bucegi Mountains, located to the west of this area is towering with its 1000-m peak over the resort below. To the East, Garbova Mountains extends southwards up to the Bogdan's Spring. The two massifs, Bucegi and Garbova are surrounding the town for a distance of 9 km. The smart villas, having a very original architecture, as well as the many modern hotels, render the place the air of a tourist resort of national and international importance.

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Busteni is a resort lying upstream the River Prahova, between Bucegi Mountains (maximum altitude 2507m - Omu Peak) and Baiului Mountains (maximum altitude 1923m - Neamtu Peak), the averange altitude of the town being of 850 - 900m. The town was founded at the begining of the 19th century, on the commercial road linking Wallachia and Transylvania.

Nowadays, the town has 12,000 inhabitants, a figure at which we should add 3,000 tourists that come here daily, seduced by the scenery full of contrasts and picturesque.

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