Novel confirmations in Bucegi

Novel confirmations in Bucegi

There are arguments supporting the idea that Hawaii is a gateway to the unseen world of Bucegi. A lady from Bucharest, designed by profession, receives some 12 years of secret communication, in an alphabet known on Earth. The lady was with a group of radiestezişti the Bucegi Plateau, where he conducted a series of measurements

Not only that the results were surprising, but some participants have "seen" through a window-space, amazing stuff. In a world parallel to us in those places where old legends tell that the Dacians are hidden treasures, radiestezişti group saw cosmic rockets and aliens working around them. And if you're tempted to not give credence to such claims, it says here also called CT famous living nevăzătoarea that doctors make a diagnosis more specific than: "There is history of mankind. But humanity is not about the two thousand years ago, but the much more recently.

"The Sphinx of Bucegi, which is the defender of our fathers, comes a powerful stream of energy. When this energy is weak, someone will enter in the Bucegi and find documents and signs that will show us what we do next."

"What documents and evidence? Who left them, when and why? Back populaţiunilor Greco-Roman antiquity known as the Dacians Dacians and extends a long line of several thousand years, a buried history of large events whose importance went far beyond the horizon of this country, brilliant history of a nation strong and glorious, which, long before the Trojan times, had founded the first empire's vast world, founded the first unit of culture in Europe and the foundations of moral and material progress in western Asia and North Africa".

Thus, a Old people for millennia, our ancestors' ancestors Dacians left us a treasure hidden in the heart of science Bucegi, guarded by the mysterious Sphinx, the tunnels that span vast distances, protected energy unknown world of mysteries whose gate is from Hawaii and a road go Dacians secret.

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