Aliens in Time Tunnel in Bucegi

Aliens in Time Tunnel in Bucegi

The Lodge Babele(2200 m) descend to the west, crossing several gullies and after 10-15 min we get over a rocky area, where the right path creep through a small lane and „Piciorul Babelor”, along which crosses a stones and soon reach a broad saddle.

Exactly after 15 minutes inside the rocky area, where do 10 steps to the left, away from our path, we will find a small hole on top, guarded by some strange signs without meaning, and then expands, according to a famous professor at the Sorbonne University but received threats of fear and not give his name, just sending us a coded message.

The tunnel entrance in time for the first time found the aliens come in search of the mysteries of the universe. You can not enter, because they are still there and not allow anyone near this amazing discovery.

We exact positive signal, only to know how to bypass the site carefully, because sometimes the aliens leave the tunnel and many groups have reported that we are not very friendly, and this is their only gate to the world that came after the several thousand years, and their only opportunity to return. Moreover, and always threatening us, and even go online site to confuse readers: when you see the yellow line, know that they are!

But here, right now, our team has placed the observatory Babele signals that we have seen two men, one girl and one boy, entering the tunnel ... Oh, what a shame that no one was nearby to stop them!

Nobody knows if they ever get out, you know what happened to Elodie, no comment ... Who gets to know: the girl was dressed in red sweatshirt, blue pants, purple hat and had a green backpack, the boy had a blue jumpsuit, black hat, brown backpack. It's been two minutes, but here, at the entrance of the tunnel, sees a move: leaving someone very hard, I do not know why...

Oh, are two old, who just barely crawl up the path. The old man is dressed in a red sweatshirt, blue pants with a backpack and crawls after her green old man dressed in blue with a brown backpack...

Our team even go near them now and ask them who they are. We are transmitted by wire as Alzheimer's and elders do not remember anything, or who are, or how they got there...

But what happens? A jamming ... It seems that we can not forward ... Aliens have intercepted the transmission and not leave us! But we will return promitrem as soon as the connections will be restored...

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