The Sun’s Pyramid Miracle in Bucegi

We just received this amateur movie. We do not know when it was filmed, but it's amazing! It is to watch ...
The Miracle of the Pyramid of the Sun in the Bucegi Mountains

Few people, the chosen ones, know about the existance of a single day every year when above the Sphinx on the Bucegi Plateau, at sunset, the gentle rays of sun surround the strange face carved in the stone and go down to the ancient statue’s base forming a magical piramid…

And these few chosen people meet every year on the Bucegi Plateau, same day and same hour. They already recognize each other from afar, climbing the mountain’s side from all directions.

A doctor from Hamburg comes every year for the required energy to run his office where he treats dozens of patients daily. Nobody knows the secret of so many succesful surgeries, that no other doctor could have done, in a single day!

The lady with the purple hat from Sibiu, who was first brought in a wheel-chair by her grandson, a scientist from the Institute of Patological Mineralogy Axente Sever, is now coming on her own feet to thank the Piramid for it’s healing magic, the Sun for it’s miraculous and beneficial fall on the piramidal steps or maybe to the Sphinx, without whom nothing would be possible… Of course, some say that the lady has another reason, the fact that only here in this gentle light of the piramid, her hat sends purple rays towards all the surrounding peaks, like a secret message for the forrests of fir and the animals that live in them. But this message was never desciphered by anyone, ever…

The family with the twins from Eastwood, both sick of psorisic artrite, an autoimune disease that affect the ligaments and tendons, are visiting as well. The effect of the magical piramid on the two children is undeniable, having an anti-inflammatory selective action for COX2, producing adalimumab, a monocloning human antigen of type Ig G with specification for TNF alfa.

Another person is the young man with fibromialgy from Detroit, o disease that he got after a severe depression that was caused by an anxiety disorder. The piramid is for him like a selectiv inhibitive of serotonite (SSRI), an tricyclic antidepresive. It is to be known that for this disease the doctors have no treatment, recommending only meditation and prayer…

Then there is the old man from Bombay, touched by the Down syndrome, with short neck and flattened facies, result of a abnormal celular division at the ovocite level, or the gentleman from Kinshasa with the case of toxoplasmosis with the aparition of lero-cervical adenopaties, or the lady from Xi’an that suffers from the Papiloma Human HPV virus, or the two youngsters from Ontario suffering from alopcia, that wear bands and modern hats on their heads to hide the aftermath of the cruel disease... and many others that suffer all kinds of diseases, coming from all around the world.

Some return healed and come back to thank for the gift, and others refill the improvement towards the overwhelming diseases that have no medical cure. They come back every year for the spectacular action of the Magic Piramid, the only one that can bring joy in the life given by the Maker and the Savior to us, humble sinful souls. He, from above, forever live his name.

There is only one day each year, a holy day, when the sun lowers his gentle rays, on steps, covering the Sphinx that guards the mighty Bucegi, into a magical piramid… In the day of 28th november of each year, on the Bucegi Plateau, meet chosen people from around the world…

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The Sun’s Pyramid Miracle in Bucegi

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